Studies in the Cinematography Superior Institute getting the Film Director Degree

Director Film Assistant in "Vidas Inútiles ". 1955

Director Film Assistant in "Adios Rosita". 1956

Director Film Assistant in"El Hereje". 1956

Film Director in "El Mudo". 1956

Film Director of "Metamorphosis" of Frank Kafka. Free version

Scriptwriter with Tico Medina  of  "La Riada"

Co-scriptwriter with  Tico Medina and Andrés Vázquez of  "El Maletilla“

Scriptwriter of  " The dramatic life of a painter, Solana”

Film Director of "Mara de las Islas" produced in Eastman Colour. Great opening in REX Cinema in Madrid. 1959

Film co-director with Roger Vadim in the film " Les Bijoutiers du clair de lune" with Brigitte Bardot as leading actress

"MARA". Professional film as film director. Premier in REX Cinema. Madrid. 1959

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